Generated Application Features

Single-page app with ReST API

Responsive Angular Single-page application (SPA) on the front-end with Angular Material components and Spring Boot ReST API on the ack-end with an N-layered architecture

DB Versioning

Track, manage, and apply database schema changes.

Document Management API

Store documents on the file system, database, or AWS S3 buckets. Lock and version documents.


Auto-generated unit and integration tests for ensuring quality. Architectural enforcement tests to reduce spaghetti code.


Integrated logging & exception handling

Logging with multiple log levels and log output options including file system, Splunk, and Elasticsearch. Stadardized exception handling mechanism.

Email API

Send transactional emails using templates with merge fields.


Functional add-ons

Reports & Dashboards

Create beautiful reports to display data using charts and graphs. Create dashboards to aggregate reports.

User Registration

Provide registration capabilities to your external users, along with password reset functionality.

I18N & L10N

Internationalization with the ability to customize for specific locales.

Entity Audit

View all changes to entities and their properties to aid in production debugging.

Authentication & Authorization

Authenticate users using database, LDAP/Active Directory, or OpenID Connect provider. Authorize users using a flexible authorization model with roles and fine-grained permissions.

Jobs Scheduler

Visually setup jobs triggers.

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