When do you expect to start the beta?

Currently, we plan to start the beta program in November 2020.

What is the expected time commitment?

We expect around 8 hours of overall time commitment from you spread over two weeks.


Why should I enroll in the beta program?

Participating in our beta program and providing actionable feedback will benefit you as follows:

  • fastCode has developed an innovative platform to help professional web application developers such as yourself thrive in the world of no-code and low-code platforms. To understand why we are unique, please visit our blog post on our website. By enrolling in our beta program and providing feedback, you will be an early adopter of our platform and help shape its future.

  • We will reward you with a $50 Amazon Gift Card to thank you for your efforts.

  • The first edition of fastCode that we are launching is a community edition that is free for everyone. After that, we plan to launch a professional edition of fastCode. The professional edition may include commercial support and visual development tools such as a Web UI Builder, a Theme Builder, and enhanced versions of Email Template Builder and Reporting. We will provide you a free lifetime license to the professional edition.

  • We will publicly thank you for your help in building a great community & free edition of our platform.


What is involved in the beta program?

Our beta program involves using the fastCode App Generator to connect to a database, generating a web application, testing the web application, and sharing the web app source code or collaborating on the development of the web app source code with your colleague(s).

The specific steps are detailed below:


Sign up

Sign-up for the beta with your email address on fastCode’s Home Page.



  1. Visit fastCode Website.

  2. Register & Sign the beta agreement.

  3. Either download the zip file or get the docker image from the Docker registry.

  4. Install.



  1. Run fastCode App Generator.

  2. Login to the fastCode App Generator using the default username and password provided to you.

  3. Invoke the action “Generate application” in the default workspace that is pre-created.

  4. This action launches a wizard to gather the necessary information to generate the application.

  5. Provide database information. If you don’t have an existing database and want to try fastCode, you can use the embedded HSQL database and one of the pre-installed sample schemas.

  6. Provide information on which optional add-ons you want to be included in the generated application.

  7. The App Generator generates the web application.



  1. The generated web application is either stored in your local directory or one of your external Git accounts in GitHub or GitLab.

  2. Clean, compile, and run the web application.



  1. Test the generated web application.


Share & Collaborate

  1. fastCode enables you to invite colleagues using their email address to share the generated web application source code or collaborate on further developing the generated web application.

  2. If you have chosen to generate the application on your local machine, you can only share the web application source code with your colleagues and cannot do collaborative development. On the other hand, if you have stored the web application source code in a central git repository, once your colleagues provide their external Git username, they will be added as collaborators to the web app’s Git repository to enable collaborative development.

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